Are You Paying Too Much For Your Deliveries in the UK?

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Parcel Ex The best courier service in the UK. Investigates extra charges that some couriers charge in the UK and Scotland

Is it right that some couriers add a surcharge over and beyond the agreed price of delivery in England and Scotland?

Parcel Ex has uncovered some shocking statistics. Well, I don’t know about uncovered but I found them on the internet in between Christmas and New year, amid reluctant bites of leftover turkey sandwich.

And they are quite alarming (The statistics, not the sandwiches):

Scottish consumers paid an extra £38 million for their deliveries in 2018 as compared with the rest of the UK!

I’m a Scot and I run a reliable courier service in the UK so I have a wee chip on my shoulder about this. This is up from £36.7 million the previous year.

Some rural areas of Scotland commonly carry a surcharge with some companies, impacting over 500, 000 people who are regularly paying considerably more than everyone else for their deliveries.

Christmas deliveries alone have set the Scots back £11.4 million. That’s around £76 extra for deliveries from elsewhere in the UK to Scotland.

As if Christmas wasn’t hard enough!

An ASA spokesman has commented:

“We have made very clear that advertisers must not mislead consumers by promising ‘free’ or ‘UK’ delivery when it turns out that delivery is not free or the item won’t be delivered if you live in certain parts of the UK.

“It’s simply not fair to mislead people about whether parcels can be delivered to them, or how much it will cost.”

So, the Parcel Ex advice is – When using a courier service for deliveries anywhere in the UK. Naturally look for the best price, best quality of service but also make sure the price you are quoted is the final price.

I’m now into January and the Turkey sandwiches don’t seem to be letting up. I hope your new year is off to a great start.

Comments welcome as always.

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