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Posted by Paul
Join Parcel Ex, the best courier and fulfillment service in the UK as we investigate brand identity.

Throughout my days as a student at Newcastle University, I was called (By some people) a dreamer. It was intended as a put down but I took it as a compliment.

I am a dreamer. Richard Branson is another dreamer, Steve Jobs is another, Mark Zuckerberg is another (I could go on).

I think dreams are not only important but essential, for without dreams and vision the world would be an incredibly dull and stagnant place with little to no progression.

When I started Parcel Ex, I had a dream (Not the one about being chased through Northumberland street in Newcastle by a killer clown).  I’d seen the many mistakes other courier and fulfilment companies had made and the ineffective way that they handled customer complaints.

I’d also witnessed the appalling way that employees had been treated (And paid) and thought:

“I can do this better.”

“I WILL do this better.”

Throughout my many years – as an employee – delivering parcels across the UK I made a series of mental notes. I wrote down all the elements that courier companies that deal with logistics and fulfilment got right and what needed improvement.

I imagined what MY company would provide and how it could HELP people.

Everything was considered, from better pay for our drivers to fully insured cargo so our clients are never out of pocket.

I started to see my future courier and fulfilment service from my future client’s point of view. In essence, I started to mentally build my brand.

So, did this make me an entrepreneur or a Manager?

Actually, neither.

It was closer to being an entrepreneur than a manager at this stage. But without a persistent and logical course of action, my thoughts would have been nothing more than a few fleeting ‘feel good’ intentions blowing in the breeze.

What happened next helped me deicide the role that I would play in my own company.

  • I took action.
  • I also started to ask a better quality of question:
  1. Was I serious about Parcel Ex being formed?
  2. Was I the person to champion the brand (Entrepreneur)?


  • Was I more the nuts and bolts type of person (Manager)?

Well, as Parcel Ex is still going today and I am sitting in my office writing this, we can assume that my answer to question 1 was ‘YES.’

Questions 2 and 3 took a little more thought.  In my experience, very few people are just one or another and there are certainly elements of a manager in me but I would say more so the entrepreneur felt more like where I was at home.

I’d be curious to find out what other people have done with their companies at this stage.

I know some serial entrepreneurs who have no practical business skills to speak of but have made quite a lot of money and built some great brands all the same.

As far as I can see, they have managed this because they are great at forming / nurturing relationships and persuading others with a specific skill set to share in their vision and reap in the rewards therein.

The entrepreneur’s strength has been to see the appropriate strength in others and to select those people to turn their vision into a reality.

I admire those people and have to admit feel a certain level of synergy with them. But that synergy is capped because I also have something of the manager in me too.

Parcel Ex is my baby and whilst I am absolutely the right person to champion the Parcel Ex brand my business ambitions do not seem to extend past Parcel Ex.

The people I spoke of earlier championed many brands and were more than happy to sell their companies on and start something new.

Though I know my company operations and brand inside out, I am not an expert in everything that Parcel Ex does and often get my hand slapped when I try to do something on the computer that is the job of one of my colleagues.

I hire these people for a reason (Besides a willingness to put up with me meddling through the computer systems). I see the strength in others and I want their strength to help not only build the Parcel Ex brand but add to the logical day to day operations that must go hand in hand with the vision that ensure our company will continue to go from strength to strength.

I hope this was useful.

Comments welcome as always.

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