No Deal? No Problem, We’re British!

Posted by Paul

Actually, I’m Scottish but you get the idea.

I’ve had a few comments about one of our recent posts where I outlined the disastrous effects that a Brexit ‘No Deal’ would have on Britain.

“Bit close to the nerve isn’t it?”

… People seemed to say.

So, I’d like you to join me round the campfire as we look at the positives of a Brexit No Deal.

It’s what We Voted For.

I know some people out there voted to leave the EU because they thought the NHS would get a major cash injection as a result. But the majority voted that way because they were proud of our great land and wanted to preserve it.

Years ago, (With the cunning use of flags – Thanks Eddie Izzard) Britain owned a large chunk of the world. We stood together in times of trouble. If we suffered, then we suffered together.

We sang inspirational songs to keep our spirits up, rallied to the aid of our fellow man / woman and stood together as a nation, regardless of race colour or creed.

And when the war was over, we celebrated together as one nation.

Start singing ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ in your head around now…

It is with thanks to the brave soldiers that willingly stepped onto the front line that Britain (With the help of her allies) preserved our culture and way of life.

Compare the British Spirit of Yesteryear with Now…

Recent years have seen Britain’s hands tied over which political and economic direction we should move. Part of the problem has been that as EU members we have to adhere to certain rules and regulations as laid down by the EU.

The result – A country divided.

A few years ago, I took my family for a holiday to America (Pre Trump) and was struck by the overwhelming sense of pride that people had there in simply ‘Being American.’

It struck a nerve at the time because many British people that I have met seem to have lost that, and spend the majority of their time complaining about the direction the government is taking them in – and rightfully so for some.

Think about people you know. Are their heads held high because they are ‘British?’ Or do they feel more like decisions are being made about their lives, above their heads and without their consent?

The fact remains, to leave the EU came directly from the voice of the people. Surely that alone is worth celebrating?

If we are no longer part of the EU, even with a No Deal then we still would be effectively wiping the slate clean. Britain would be free to pass its own laws and regulations according to what we deem to be important without the intervention of a third party.

If there is a deal, then some believe that the EU would still have a say in how the country is run, particularly in the transitional period.

Britain would be Financially Better Off?

Well, that’s a double-edged sword but as we have already explored the potential financial problems that go hand in hand with a Brexit No Deal in a previous post (Click here if you’d like to read it) lets look at a major financial benefit:

We would no longer be paying the EU.

For those who thought that to be a member of the EU was free, think again.

Last year the UK made an estimated gross contribution of £13.2 billion and received £4.3 billion back from the EU in public sector receipts, so the UK’s net public sector contribution to the EU was approximately £8.9 billion.

And I thought my yearly household bill was high!

That yearly expense would potentially stay in the country with a Brexit No Deal.

Britain’s Fish would stay in Britain.

I’m not suggesting that the fish voted too and elected to stay here.

Currently, the EU common fisheries policy outlines quotas for which member states are allowed to catch each type of fish for the benefit of all the member states.

A Brexit No Deal would mean that we control what we do with our fish in our own country and who we decide to trade with and for how much.

I’m assuming of course that the fish themselves will set up some sort of border control which monitors fish entering and leaving our waters too.

Cheaper for Britain to Import Goods from other Countries.

Currently EU trading tariffs are in place which means it is very costly to import goods from member states and from the rest of the world.

With a Brexit No Deal, Britain would effectively eradicate the EU Tariff making it cheaper to import cheaper products from other countries to Britain.

This again is another double-edged sword. If Britain is importing cheaper goods from abroad, then it can mean many British retailers may suffer as it becomes impossible for them to compete on price.


Well, it’s certainly the topic that caused the most controversy when the Brexit vote was taking place.

For that reason, I want to be as clinical as possible and look at the effect of having a No Deal Brexit for the British immigration system.

Put simply, at the moment members of the EU are allowed move through the EU states as they please. They are allowed to live and work there as though they were residents of that country.

The argument is that if Britain opted out of that arrangement with a ‘No Deal’ then we could control our own immigration – lessening the load on the tax payer in unemployment benefits by enforcing a skills-based system, that only permits high-earning professionals to live in the country.

I have to admit I’m on the fence with this one as Britain has already had a dry run of this system which isn’t exactly an overwhelming success.

Britain operates this system with the rest of the world. We have found it difficult at best to match particular skills of individuals with supply and demand as and when we need it. There are also low skilled jobs that people in Britain simply don’t want to do and migrants tend to satisfy that requirement.

Then there’s the argument that migrants are a drain on the system as they are supported by central government… BUT migrants also contribute to the economy in excess of the benefits they receive (They still pay tax and consume goods).

Perhaps all it really comes back to in the end is if the current system does not work then it would be OUR CHOICE to change it and control the level to which it changes, without the intervention of rules from a third party.

So, there you have it. A No Deal Brexit is perhaps the only real answer to Britain getting its sovereignty back.

I don’t profess to be an expert in these affairs. As the head honcho of Parcel Ex – business courier / fulfilment and logistics company – I’m simply a local businessman who keeps his ear to the ground and does what he can for the British economy and the people who live here.

I’d welcome any comments that you have.

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