Booking Cancellation

Booking Cancellation Policy

When a courier has been allocated to a booking and is on the way to you for less than 5 minutes when you cancel the booking, we won’t charge you a cancellation fee.

If the courier has been on the way to you for over 15 minutes when you cancel the booking, we will charge you a minimum 20% of the booking as a cancellation fee (this is our standard cancellation fee which applies to all same day courier bookings.

If the courier arrives at the collection point and you cancel the booking,



means Cancelled on Arrival, no refund is permitted. A full Charge Of service booking will be applied


If you wish to re-book the courier for the same booking at a later date or time please re-book on our website.

If the booked courier arrives at the collection point, and the goods are not ready, we will do our best to contact you to advise, you have the option to make alternative arrangements. If we are unable to make contact you, the status of your booking would change to COC (Cancelled on Collection). We are unable to reinstate a booking marked as COC and no refund would be granted. If you wanted to re-book the same identical service please go online to re-book or call 0333 987 5114

If the courier arrives at the collection point and the address is closed or locked up the courier will update the status of the booking to COC.

Any booking status marked as COC can be re-booked on our website at the prevailing rate available at the time of the new booking. Sorry we are unable to reinstate any booking after the status has been changed to COC.

Our minimum cancellation charge for any booking is £25.00 excluding vat. Please note If the total value of your courier booking is below £25.00 excluding vat then NO REFUND would be granted.

To view our full terms and conditions please visit our website, terms and conditions.

Cancellation Charges apply to all Account Bookings and Non-Account Bookings: