How Strong Is Your Business Brand?

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The best courier service in the UK Parcel Ex shares tips and advice on business branding.

You know those days when you sit cross legged on your rug at home and meditate, in the hope that business knowledge will magically fly through your open window and absorb itself into your psyche?


Me Neither.

I don’t know about you but before starting Parcel Ex I did rather a lot of research, but nothing could have prepared me for real world experience.

There are many marketing gurus out there all offering similar advice but they only give as much as you need to get interested then they present you with an unmissable but expensive offer.

I’m not knocking them by the way. Some of the guys out there are very good and I’ve known people to pay the price for their services and they look at it more as an investment.

I’ve cheated I suppose. Being such good friends, they are only too willing to give me nuggets of information for FREE.

I want to return the favour to my friends on here.

I’m no marketing Guru, but the advice I give is from a hardworking businessman (me) who wants to help other businesses deliver the best possible service for the greatest returns.

I will use Parcel Ex as an example because – being a reliable courier, delivering parcels and goods across the UK is what I know.

Today – Branding.


I used to think that branding meant a logo or a website but it isn’t.

Branding is your current and potential customers emotional and rational view of your business.

Branding is much like the human personality. Some people, you will connect with easily and others – well not so much.

When I look at what attracts me to another human being then there will be a subset of keywords that will always come up:

  • Reliable
  • Honest
  • Punctual
  • Well presented
  • Sense of humour
  • Caring
  • Genuine.

When I meet and connect with people who have a great degree of those qualities then I find I want to connect with them. I want to introduce my friends and family to them and I will stay loyal to them and defend them if they are spoken ill of by others.

It took me a few years to realize that the relationship we have with other companies is exactly the same. And for those same emotional reasons, I will want to connect with a particular company. I’ll want to recommend them to my friends and family and I will certainly stay loyal to them even if their service is slightly more expensive than others.

At Parcel Ex I do all I can to make sure my staff share this vision.

While my couriers deliver goods across the UK they are acting as an extension of the Parcel Ex personality. As such they are punctual, reliable, friendly and caring people.

I think if a company goes out of its way to HELP other companies then that inspires them to trust and be loyal to us.

When assessing how strong the Parcel Ex brand, I ask myself the following questions:

  1. Is my brand well known among my potential and current clients?
  2. Do those clients know the company name?
  3. Do clients find it easy to communicate with Parcel Ex?
  4. Do clients know (and possibly share) my values?
  5. Do my clients leave positive feedback on the service we provide?
  6. Do my staff know and share the company values?

Brand is a personality.

Not all companies have a personality and as such they don’t have a brand. They are a commodity.

There is nothing wrong with being a commodity of course many businesses are. If you are going to run a business as a commodity then you will have to make sure your product or service has other factors with which people will engage:

Perhaps your product or service is noticeably cheaper than that of your competition.

To finish I’d like to mention competition.

Parcel Ex have competitors – most businesses do. This makes me rather pleased because I know my client’s general demographic. That is general age range, income, interests, geographical location etc.

Armed with the knowledge of who our potential clients are I look at what companies they use that offer a similar service to Parcel Ex. In essence, I study their brand and evaluate the service we offer so I can be sure our brand is ever growing – learning from the good practice of others and the mistakes of our competitors.

Thanks for reading. I hope you found it useful.

Comments welcome as always.

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