How to Select the Right Courier and Fulfilment Company.

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Had parcels damaged, lost, or delivered late and you want to know your rights? Advice from Parcel Ex, the best courier service in the UK

As a nation we seem to have become courier dependant. Everyone from the super-rich to the Low income and unemployed rely on couriers to deliver everything from the weekly shopping to office supplies or a new dress for the weekend.

If you and I as consumers rely on couriers and fulfilment services then it stands to reason that business reliance on these services are also increased.

But how do you know which courier service is right for you or your business?

I talked to some of our friends and clients about their past experiences and they have kindly given us permission to post their responses. Today a company that required food to be delivered between Newcastle and Scotland:

Client 1 (That’s not her name obviously. That would be unfortunate).

“We tried a company simply because they were near the top of Google for what we wanted. The delivery was set to take place between Newcastle and Scotland.  

He (The courier) arrived late to pick up the perishables and arrived in a lorry that was not built for food. He had to go back and change and another lorry was issued. It was a different driver that arrived a couple of hours later.

The driver seemed pleasant enough, apologised on behalf of the company and helped to pack the goods. Our logistics manager signed for them and they (The goods) were on their way. A few hours later we received a call from a very unhappy client, saying that the foodstuffs had not arrived.

I know that legally it is my responsibility to get them there even if it was the courier service that was at fault.

After numerous phone calls to the company and being passed from department to department I eventually learned that the lorry was stuck in traffic following a road traffic accident.

 Initially I was told that they were very close to the drop off and it should be there soon, which was a lie. I think they just wanted to get me off the phone.

When the goods eventually arrived, they were so late that our client had no use for them as they were to be used for a function.

We didn’t get a refund and we lost a client though this.”

Parcel Ex Answers –

You are right, legally you are responsible if a delivery is late. Which is why selecting the right courier service for your needs is essential. You mentioned you had perishables so, to start it would be a good idea to make sure the company can deliver on what they promise.

Transporting perishables requires four elements to be in place.

  1. The driver needs to have the right equipment (Built for refrigerated transport for example).

This needs to be agreed before the collection. The courier company will naturally ask what it is that is being delivered – quantity, weight etc. The company should then advise, based on their own experience and expertise the vehicle that will be used.

  • Time.

The courier company will know exactly how long it should take to reach the final destination. They should also take into account that life is what happens while you are making other plans. By this I mean they need to take into consideration possible obstacles that can prevent delivery on time, and take all necessary precautions to minimize risk.

We have live traffic updates here at Parcel Ex for example, which means we can communicate directly with the driver if a certain route is not going to be possible and send an alternative.

  • Communication.  

There will be rare occasions in which a road traffic accident of mechanical failure can hinder the courier’s chances of arriving at the drop off point at the time specified. If this is the case you want to do business with a company that is honest and transparent.

As a client you’d much rather hear that – “Because of a road traffic accident the goods may be late. The lorry is being re routed and should arrive by a certain time.” Rather than the company hiding behind a smokescreen of: “He shouldn’t be long.” Whilst crossing their fingers that you are a forgiving sort or that the delivery will somehow reach the destination on time.

  • Insurance.

Your goods being delivered late and possibly damaged may have a detrimental effect on your business and should be covered by the courier’s insurance. It’s such a basic requirement yet so many companies do not provide any sort of monetary guarantee should the worst happen. It’s best to check this before you make a booking.


With such a reliance on courier services in the UK you need peace of mind. You need to know that you are dealing with an organised expert that has your best interests at heart. I hope the four points raised above has given you a starting point with which to base discussions with your future courier and fulfilment company.

Our next blog will be a discussion with another of our clients and we will delve into exactly what your legal rights are too (Exciting stuff). If you have had experiences with courier companies that may be able to help other businesses or individuals out there we’d love to hear from you.

If you have any questions or queries, I’d be happy to help.

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