What Makes Great Web Content?

Posted by Paul
Discover how to write great web content with Parcel Ex, the UK's best courier service

If you have ever tried to research this topic you will probably come across the well-used term ‘Content is King.’ But why is it so important?

Parcel Ex have tirelessly searched the internet, travelled the world and interviewed several hundred marketing gurus to find the answer (That was a busy day).

Not really. I sat down with a close friend who is a marketing expert / SEO specialist and picked his brains … A lot!

The first version of the Parcel Ex website was written by me.

It was full of emotion. It had, as far as I could tell, so many reasons why people would want to use Parcel Ex. My professional experience was proudly displayed for all to see. I logged onto Google and conducted an image search for pictures of vans and managerial staff in a busy office. And placed them on the site.

I’m not really a designer so didn’t give much thought to colours or page design.

It took me probably just over a month to complete and the end result was… interesting.

The site went live then I waited patiently for something to happen.

And something did… I got older.

And that’s about it.

So, based on the subsequent changes that were made to parcelex.co.uk, instrumental in making us the second-best courier service in the UK, here are the seven changes you can make to your web content to make both Google and your customers simply love it.

  • Your website is not a C.V.

Clients log on because they are looking to use your product or service. If they have to trawl through reams of (To them) useless information then they will simply log off. Your bounce rate will go up.

Just a side note here: A high bounce rate means that someone visited your site and left rather quickly. People look at this as a bad sign, and whilst it can be, remember some people log on simply to get information such as a contact number. Once they have that information, there may be no reason for them to stay.

  • Is your website too complicated?

If your intent is that a potential client will log on and purchase a product for example, then make it as simple as possible for the client to do this. I have logged onto so many sites and then logged off again because I don’t have time to conduct and archaeological dig, simply to find the ‘Buy it Now’ option.

  • Remember the journey.

People are emotional. It doesn’t matter if they are the CEO of the planet Earth or a start up business, their initial opinion is an emotional one. That means it has to feel right. Companies like Apple have this down to a tee. When the iPhone X was released, the sales page combined the benefits of the iPhone X with all of the personality traits that we all aspire to. By the time you get to the ‘Buy it Now’ button you are ready to purchase the phone and be the person you always wanted to be.

  • Think about your customer.

Your product or service solves a problem and satisfies an inherent desire on the part of your potential customer. This means that you have done your research and you have identified all of their pain points (Barriers to sale) and they are answered on the site. You come across as both helpful and understanding.

  • Don’t make it too long.

No one will love your business more than you. It’s a fact. But if you can condense your passion into shorter web pages then you are more likely to achieve your desired outcome.

  • Keywords.

This is such a huge area that it’s impossible to cover in this section (There will be a dedicated future blog focussed on keywords. Subscribe to our mailing list for real time updates). But I Will say that your initial draft of the site is pure emotion on your part. It is in the editing process that you eliminate 2/3 of what you have written and make sure to include search terms that your clients are likely to pop into Google to try and find your product or service.

You can check Google AdWords for the monthly searches in a specific geographical location for targeted keywords.

Try and be as specific as possible and don’t try to rank for irrelevant keywords or keywords that are far too general. Parcel Delivery, for example is very general and will have a lot of competition. Parcel delivery in Newcastle will have a higher chance of ranking highly as the competition is significantly less.

Don’t overdo the keywords or have keywords hidden but repeated over and over. This is called keyword stuffing and will rank you down.

The key to writing good content is to understand your audience. You have two main viewers that you need to consider:

Firstly – Your customer, who needs to feel excited about your product or service in order to make a purchase.

Secondly – Google, who is trying to be human in its understanding of what people want so it can continue to deliver the results that most people want to see. Google is not there yet but is improving every day, so use your keywords strategically.

  • Images

Try not to use stock images where possible and definitely do not use images taken from a Google image search and the chances are the images belong to someone else and you will either be asked to remove the images or even taken to court for copyright infringement.

Tag your own images so that they will rank high on Google and help to push your site up the rankings.

I hope this has helped. If you need any further advice I’d be more than happy to help. Just leave a comment or contact us and I’ll do what I can.

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