Parcel Ex Couriers Helping the Environment With Refrigerated UK Deliveries.

Posted by Paul

Refrigerated deliveries across the UK are causing major environmental issues and raising some raising some real questions when it comes to how we transport our foodstuffs across the UK.

It’s a shocking statistic but true:

‘The annual UK emissions from refrigerated lorries particularly this time of year are equal to 1.8 million cars!’

That’s over 40% of the country’s CO2 emissions!!

Why so much?

Well, many HGV’s have refrigeration generators fitted to them, powered by polluting diesel.

At the moment, they are unregulated and are even subsidised by the government annually at a rate of £100 million.

Sometimes I’ll raise issues and be rather shy and reserved when it comes to showing off the benefits of using Parcel Ex couriers to transport goods across the UK over other delivery companies – but not here:

Parcel Ex is VERY environmentally aware and even if it means there is an added expense to ourselves, we will endeavour to transport refrigerated goods (food and chemicals) across the UK in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

I don’t say this to show off, but to make people aware that there are alternatives and Couriers making deliveries in refrigerated lorries should be taking necessary steps to ensure that goods arrive on time, in pristine condition and with as little impact upon our environment as possible.

We, as responsible couriers, should also be making the government aware of these alternatives.

Parcel Ex actively take the following steps as standard to do our bit for the environment both in refrigerated and non-refrigerated deliveries across the UK:

  1. Select the optimal route to save on time and emissions.
  2. Use specific scientific calculations based around weight, fuel consumption and distance travelled to make sure our deliveries across the UK have the least impact upon the environment.
  3. Always look into viable alternatives to make our air cleaner.


Leeds Council began looking into such an alternative late last year and I’d be keen to find out how things have progressed.

“We have developed a patented zero-emission engine, currently undergoing advanced road trials, which would significantly cut emissions compared to polluting diesel engines. In Leeds and around the country, there are growing calls for tighter regulation of transport refrigeration units. This means the industry needs to start preparing and this is where Dearman can help. We look forward to continuing to work with Leeds City Council and other partners to help improve Britain’s air quality.”

(Dearman’s deputy chief executive Michael Ayres)

Comments welcome, as always.

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