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People want the best.

I always have.

As a business, calling something ‘The Best’ is such a general term and it means something different to everyone. It’s like saying:

‘We are going to make this country great!’

Then stopping there to allow people to fill in the blanks for what ‘Great’ means to them.

Standing on a hill shamelessly shouting:

‘Parcel Ex are the best courier service in the UK!’


‘You’ve tried the rest now try the best – Parcel Ex, the best courier service in Teesside!

… Is not only corny and out dated, but it doesn’t work.

Every business owner is doing the same. It’s a crowded marketplace with millions of stalls. Each with its own megaphone, hoping to catch the attention of the consumers but only succeeding in deafening them as they pass.

If you own a business, people EXPECT you to be passionate about it. They expect you to think of your product or service as the best.

I’ve known and been friends with a lot of salesmen and women. They all make their money by persuading you (the consumer) that you WANT to purchase a particular product or service. Their only job thereafter is to convince you that what they offer is the best value for you.

Parcel Ex is putting down the megaphone and choosing to listen instead. To listen to what client’s want. And in true Miracle on 34th Street style:

If we can’t provide it, we will point you in the direction of someone who can.

I believe ‘The Best’ is a destination. And the path you take to get there is the journey. I will always strive for Parcel Ex to be the best local and national courier service.

As such. we take input from our clients and continually monitor or service to you.

As that refining process, that journey and strive for perfection is never ending, Parcel Ex will proudly say that for now:

We are the Second-Best Courier service in the UK.


Comments welcome, as always.

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