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What is control?

Let me start by making an obvious statement:

When you call Virgin, Richard Branson does not answer the phone. Nor does he personally offer the necessary Tec support.

But Richard Branson still has complete control of his company.

When I used to walk into the Apple store (I’m more Android now), Steve Jobs was never personally there to offer me a coffee and sell me a new phone.

Yet, when Steve Jobs was still with us, he had complete control over his company.


To expand and flourish you NEED the help and expertise of others.

Parcel Ex hires quite a few people.

As you can imagine we have delivery drivers travelling across the UK Monday to Sunday every day of the year, making sure businesses and residential clients receive the famous Parcel Ex Smile (Oh, and a parcel too).

We also have dedicated office staff who, among other duties, call clients to make sure they are happy and that their parcels (And smiles) have arrived on time and in perfect condition.

Then there’s me, the one-time delivery driver and courier and now proud owner of the second-best courier and fulfilment service in the UK.


Can you imagine if I had to do all of this on my own?

I’d go crazy!

One thing is for sure – there would be no way I could satisfy the needs of all my clients.

I’d have a definite ceiling over the work I could take on. Alongside this, the level of income I could generate would be greatly reduced too.

My family life would drastically change also (Which is what life was like when I operated as a lone courier).

It was a lesson that it took quite a few years for me to master but if you want to work with people, to help people then you must seek out and accept the help that they can offer.

The key word in ‘Business Community’ is:


I’ve seen so many people out there try and fail in business, because all too often, they stand proud claiming:

  • “I have to do it all on my own.”
  • “I don’t work well with others.”
  • “I don’t trust other people.”
  • “I’m the only one who can do what I can do.”

Sorry to break this to you, but if you relate strongly to any of these comments then you are either very insecure, arrogant or have probably lived with that limited belief for so long that now it seems like your harsh reality of life.

No man or woman is an island.

It may be true that you are multi-talented and can perform numerous tasks to a professional quality and your skill set may be such that you are actually doing five people’s jobs.

Is doing that something to be proud of, or is it pure insanity?

It’s great that you have the skill, but equally baffling that you may choose to do these tasks yourself.

The chances are, you are constantly stressed, have no social life, and your business is not performing at anywhere near the level that you want it to.

Can I suggest you employ the help of others with those individual skill sets to work with you and you over see, controlling the vision and direction of your company?

You may say, that your business is not a large concern and therefore employing others to do tasks that you can do yourself is a waste of resources.

To that, I would remind you that money is not the only asset that you have.

You have two commodities that make a major difference to your business output at the moment:

You have Time and Expertise.

Your time is precious.

There is a reason that Richard Branson does not perform all the tasks that Virgin provide himself. He does not have the time or the expertise to do every task justice.

In the early days he would ask favours, trade services and pretty much do whatever he needed to so that his company could grow in the capable hands of those who had the necessary time and skill to do the job well.

When I first started Parcel Ex I tried to build our website myself. It took 3 months, working every day before I produced a very mediocre site of which (Save family and friends) no one visited.

I realised that my expertise was not in web design, or in the world of marketing, but in logistics, fulfilment and in running a very effective courier service.

Once I realised this, I offered a trade of services and got the help of people who were willing to do tasks initially for free or for very little.

I do not stand alone in the business community as one who is who is willing to help for very little or offer advice for free (This series of blogs for example). I believe there is a law of reciprocation which says that if you give help and are willing to ACCEPT help, then you have a recipe for success.

Thanks for reading. I hope you found it useful.

Comments welcome as always.

Our next blog will be based upon specific things you can do for free that will make a huge difference to the success of your business.

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