What Are the Best Delivery Options for Fragile Items in the UK?

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How to pack and transport fragile items across the UK, business and residential advice.

So, you need to transport fragile items in the UK and you want to know the safest and most cost-efficient way of doing that?

 Transporting fragile items in the UK or anywhere in the world can be a tricky nail-biting business. whether you are transporting them yourself, relying on a personal courier service such as NetPost or Royal Mail or you are a small to medium or even oversized sized business – you want to select the option that is right for you.

This blog will guide you through the best process from packing to arranging transportation, to help make sure your goods reach their final destination in one piece and without breaking the bank.

What are fragile items?

It’s worth mentioning and defining what is considered ‘fragile.’ I’d consider my Beatles collection fragile because they mean a lot to me (It’s the Beatles how can it not?). But as they are not rare or first edition or anything like that, then the British postal service may beg to differ (A CD in a case is fairly robust).

We are talking about items such as:

  • Glass items
  • Plants.
  • One of a kind items.
  • Expensive and hard to replace items.
  • Certain Electrical Goods.
  • Certain musical instruments.
  • And even wine!!

You may have other items that you would add to the list. So, If you are moving house and have a rare collection of fine bone china, a glass table, an expensive piano, a top of the range plasma tv, an original Van Gough and a wine collection that has been maturing since the Battle of Hastings – then you are my new best friend… Oh, and you probably won’t want to throw them all in the back of a van, or in the boot of your car and hope for the best whilst driving across the UK (At least I hope not).

Packing Fragile Items for transit.

As much fun as it might seem to try and fit all of your items in a first-class envelope and take a trip down to your local post office, there are tried and tested packing methods which have proved to be very successful in eliminating damage:

Packing Glass and China for delivery.

From the good old-fashioned house move, to transporting glass and china across the UK for a business – glass and china hold the record for the items most commonly damaged in transit.

Make sure you have a strong box and carry less than 5kg of goods. Wrap each item up individually with plenty of padding (May be time consuming but worth it). Keep them separate from other items.

Remember, packing paper is there for a reason and you should use extra for unusually shaped items or handles.

Pack them in such a way as to reduce movement in transit.

If you are sending them by post then the chances are, you’ll be using something like Royal Mal or http://www.ex-netpost.co.uk/

At Parcel Ex we have heard nothing but positive reviews on Net Post as they are cheaper than Royal Mail and even come to your house to collect the item/s.

As long as you have packed them according to the guidelines above, then the chances of them being damaged in transit is fairly minimal.

If you are running a business and transporting a greater quantity of larger glass items then you are better off consulting with a company who have specialised packing methods and are insured for loss or damage. https://parcelex.co.uk/ provide this service at a good price but there are others out there too. If you are shopping around (Which we would advise) make sure the company:

  1. Does not charge extra for transporting fragile items.
  2. Have an insurance policy in place to cover for loss or damage.
  3. Will deliver when they say they can.

Transporting and packing rare and hard to replace items across the UK.

So, you own the original copy of Vincent Van Gough’s ‘Sunflowers’ painting? The chances are you’d rather sell your grandmother than let anything happen to it.

Firstly remember, your Grandmother is a lovely lady… then consider – the items that protect your painting can actually harm it in transit (The glass and the frame). So, if it can be removed without causing damage, I’d suggest you do so. Turning up with a huge hole in the canvas may not inspire great feelings of levity.

Again, if it something THAT valuable then leave it to the professionals as they are insured to cover any loss or damage.

You can of course place the items on your own household insurance but different companies have varying records of actually paying out the right amount when push comes to shove.

When Packing avoid wrapping in newspaper as the ink can come of and render your priceless piece of art worthless (Or decreased in value depending on the work of art).

Also Avoid the white foam filler you’d expect to see in electrical items as it can wedge in between the glass and the frame (If you are transporting it that way).

Transporting Livestock across the UK.

Many people consider livestock to be considered as fragile in the official sense. If you are transporting livestock specialist vehicles are essential to make sure the animals reach their final destination unharmed and in the minimal amount of distress. In these cases, leve it to the professionals.

If you are merely transporting a puppy to your beloved other half take it securely in a car. Don’t wrap it up and don’t… Please don’t try to fit it in an envelope and post it.

That was a joke of course (At which point the reader removes the puppy from the envelope).

Transporting plants across the UK.

Friends of the Earth will no doubt consider plants to be included under natures livestock banner.

Here are the Parcel Ex top tips for transporting your plants and ensuring they are not damaged or gasping for breath at the other end:

Stop watering your plants a couple of days before the move or things can get messy in transit.

Make sure your plants have room to breathe and are transported in a temperature-controlled environment.

Make sure you have marked the boxes as fragile and don’t place a fridge on top of them in transit (Or other items).

I haven’t covered all options here, so if you need further help and advice on packing and arranging delivery of specific fragile items throughout the UK (Business or residential), leave a comment in the comments section or give us a call.

I hope this has helped. If you need any further information or would like a quote for a delivery or fulfilment service, click on the link below:


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