What Are the Best Postage Options for Small Businesses in the UK?

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What to expect from your delivery company if you run a small or medium sized business in the Uk. Free imaprtial advice from Parcel Ex.

You run a small business and you want to know what to expect from a postage service?

Well, every business – despite its altruistic ambitions – is in it to make money. Pure and simple.

As such you will be looking for a postage service that delivers quality and at a price that is not going to break the bank.

The service that Parcel Ex offers to small businesses has been refined and updated through many years of research into exactly what it is you need from a postage company and how much you should expect to pay.

I hope our years of experience in serving large and small businesses in the UK can be of help. If you have any other questions please contact us and one of our dedicated loving, friendly, staff members will be only to happy to chat with you.

Ok, what services should a small business expect?

That all depends upon the type of business you are running and whether postage is a main part of what it is that you do.

How Many Parcels Are You Sending?

There is a company that handles everything from 1 or 2 parcels a week and has had terrific customer reviews: http://www.ex-netpost.co.uk/

With Netpost, you have all the benefits of a door to door service and actually pay LESS for your packages to be delivered than you would at a post office or using a traditional courier service.

NetPost are (As you might expect) increasing in popularity and are extending their services all the time so it’s well worth logging on to find out what they can do for you.

Does the volume of parcels make a difference to the price?

Discounted shipping rates are available with some business couriers, regardless of how much you post daily. This normally depends upon:

  1. Where your business premises is.
  2. How many parcels you deliver and how often.
  3. Location of the warehouse in which your produce is stored.
  4. The eCommerce platform you sell on.
  5. A working relationship can be set up depending upon your future plans and aspirations also.

What Type of Stock Are You Delivering?

You need a company who can legally transport your inventory throughout the UK. It sounds like an obvious thing to say, but not all companies are covered for all deliveries and it is worthwhile checking. Particularly if you are looking to transport:

  1. Livestock
  2. Food Produce
  3. Dangerous Chemicals

Type of Transportation Used

A friend of mine is a patisserie chef and her company had made a wide range of delectable titbits to be transported from the North East to London.

Time was of the essence as they were for a function.

Everything was arranged and my friend was confident that everything was going swimmingly, that is until a dusty lorry arrived to pick up her fresh cream delicacies.

It turned out the company hadn’t had the foresight to consider a refrigerated delivery would be the option of choice.

She had to rearrange the transport and have them transported as fast as she could… and unfortunately lost an important client due to the lateness of the arrival.

So, when arranging your transportation make sure the company knows what is to be transported and you have a guarantee detailing the type of transport that will be used.

Is Speedy Delivery Important to You?

Unfortunately, if a delivery is late getting from you to your clients then there is only one person legally responsible and that is you. If your chosen company guarantees a certain delivery time then they must stick to that and their reputation must precede them.

Look out for reviews on the service and speed of service on your chosen delivery.

NetPost (Mentioned earlier) have gained rather a positive reputation in delivering goods fast and when you look up their reviews, then they more than back that up.

Do You Run an Ebay or Amazon Store?

Selling produce online used to be called the future but its very much grounded in the here and now. If you have a product or service that can be sold online and you are not doing it, then the chances are, you are missing a trick.

Both Ebay and Amazon offer help and advice when it comes to postage but that does not mean you are stuck with their options. Don’t be afraid to shop around.

Tracking your Parcels

At Parcel Ex its one of the first questions we are asked. Normally people have had a bad experience with a delivery in the past and as such (Quite naturally) they want to know where their parcel is at any point in its journey to its final destination.

Look for a company that offer this service, or at very least have an amazing customer service that will stay in contact at key points in the transit process. We make a point of calling our customers at least half an hour before the parcel is delivered to let our client know we are nearly there.

This should not come at an extra price! I say this because some companies actually charge MORE for good customer service (Updates etc).

Is your Delivery Company Insured?

Let’s suppose you send one hundred units to be delivered and only eighty-six arrive. Or perhaps you send one hundred units and thirty-four are damaged in transit. Is that something you should have to pay for?

Unfortunately, with some delivery companies, that is exactly what happens.

Make sure your delivery company is insured against loss or damage to items. Also make sure you are not paying extra for this guarantee. Some companies will charge you.

I hope this has helped. If you need any further information or would like a quote for a delivery or fulfilment service, click on the link below:

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