What Does It Take to be The Best Business in the UK?

Posted by Paul
Is your business the best inn the UK? Parcel Ex looks at what is takes to be the best.


It’s a question I often ponder.

The word ‘best’ is kind of ambiguous. People have different parameters and definitions.

In your own industry are you the best?

If not, what would it take for you to be the best?

Going to feed my inner geek here by looking up the official definitions, to see how close we are.

1.         Of the most excellent or desirable type or quality.

2.         To the highest degree; most (used with verbs suggesting a desirable action or state or a successful outcome).

3.         That which is the most excellent, outstanding, or desirable.

I have friends in different industries who will compare themselves with other companies and if they out perform them in terms of income or customer acquisition then they consider themselves to be ‘better’ than those organisations.

The word desirable is the word that stands out here for me.

If your current and potential clients find you desirable then they obviously like you.

This is a human quality, and implies an emotional response.

Think about this for a second. For a client to receive a positive emotional response from your business it is not unlike receiving a positive emotional response from another human being. 

For you to have a successful relationship with anyone then that person would have to meet and sustain certain expectations.

You may find the person:

Pleasant to look at.

Easy to communicate with.

They satisfy a specific need in you.

From this comes a level of loyalty that would be deemed as natural, providing those conditions remain unchanged. Should they change then this can put a strain on a relationship often leading to a re-evaluation of the relationship.

The business relationship is no different.

When my clients describe Parcel Ex as:

“The best courier service in the UK” and “Unsurpassed in the level of customer support” then I am heartened that Parcel Ex is on the road to becoming the best Parcel delivery service in the UK.

Even though we are on the road to getting there I know it is something we shall never achieve because to me ‘Best’ also carries with it the implication that there is no room for improvement.

I will always be looking at ways to improve our courier service and welcome ALL client comments.

I would advise though, that all business owners treat a business relationship like a personal relationship that they would like to nurture.

Till next time…

Comments welcome as always.

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